What To Do With Wet Carpets At Home? Top Tips

After you get your carpets cleaned by professionals, your carpet takes too long to get dry. Dried carpets feel very fluffy or comfortable to walk on. But, on the wet carpet at home, you can’t walk. If you walk on the wet carpet at home, your carpet will wear on some places. Even it will catch dust or get dirtier sooner. On the other hand, water laying on your carpet can lead to mold formation under the carpet. It can ruin your comfort.

Wet Carpets At Home
Wet Carpets At Home

But, before you take any action to get your carpet dry, you need to check some factors which include:

  • How much damped is your carpet?
  • If your carpet is damped, you need to check how far the damp spreads like it spread to your room or if only a small part of the carpet has been affected?
  • How long has your carpet been affected by dampness?
  • What is the reason for your carpet damping?

If you have not gotten your carpet and still your carpets are wet. Then, the cause of your carpet wetness can be flooding or any pipe leakage in your home. In that case, you should always call your home insurance company for a home checkup. After you get to know the cause of your carpet’s wetness, what should you do?

  • After you get to know the cause, you should take immediate action. You should not let the water stay or linger on your carpet. Either it will lead to mold formation and it will damage your carpet’s pad and floor.
  • You should not forget about the pad. If you have pipe leakage or flooding in your home, the first thing you need to do is to lift the pad of your carpet. The pad of the carpets takes too long to dry and due to wetness, it creates bad odors which will ruin your carpet or your home environment.
  • Do use fans or other electrical appliances to dry the carpet.

How to dry Slightly Wet Carpet At Home

Sometimes it can happen that you are drinking a glass of water and by mistake, it falls from your hand and spills up on your carpet. Well, that amount of liquid is not a big problem but still, you must clean it. Cleaning that much water is nothing, all you need to do is to switch on your fan and your carpet will dry automatically. By doing this you will be able to deal with the Affordable Carpet Cleaning Company in Dover Gardens.

How To Dry Soaking Wet Carpet At Home

There can be circumstances where the pipes in your home get burst or leak, on that time what you should do? If you will not take immediate action then it will be a headache for you. It will cause mold formation or damage to the carpet. So, for dealing with this circumstance you can buy or rent a wet-dry vacuum and use it to get your wet carpets at home dried.

How To Dry Carpet After Flood Or Burst Of Sewer Pipe At Home

Dealing with this circumstance can be the toughest job to face. If this situation comes up, then, you should immediately call a plumber to get your sewer pipe repaired. After that, rent a wet-dry vacuum from any hardware store or dry your carpet. By doing this, you will be able to deal with your wet carpets at home.


You can be in any circumstance or situation at any time, so, you should be attentive or take immediate actions to deal with wet carpets at home. Whenever you face these situations either it will lead to mold formation or damage to the carpet. You can contact us online or phone us at 0864 909 028 right now.